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CAS No. 103-73-1
EINECS 203-139-7
Molecular Weight 122.1644
Molecular Formula C8H10O

n-Butyl phenyl ether

CAS No. 1126-79-0
EINECS 214-426-1
Molecular Weight 150.2176
Molecular Formula C10H14O

4-Bromobutyl phenyl ether

CAS No. 1200-03-9
EINECS 214-849-1
Molecular Weight 229.12
Molecular Formula C10H13BrO

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Shanghai kefu Chemical Co., Ltd.Shanghai kefu Chemical Co., professional in the R&D, production, customized and international trade of pharmaceutical, pesticide and other fine chemicals products. Based on Shanghai Research Institutes as the technology center, Jiangsu, Shandaong and Shan’xi Factory as the production bases, it can enlarge from small amount custom synthesis to commercial scale production. The company will provide customers high efficient service, high quality products, reasonable price and professional technical service.


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On the basis of all kinds of custom organic bromides, our company can also customize and synthesize some downstream products of our organic bromides,for example, the products which were synthesized by the reactions between -Br and -OH or -NH2.
We can produce:gram development, custom kilogram product and ton scale production.

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